Debbie Marshall


Full Name
Debbie Marshall
Hair Color
Blonde Mix With Brown
Eye Color
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Debbie Marshall is a mean head cheerleader on the series Heroes. She first and only appears in the second season for four episode and was mentioned in other three. She is portrayed by Dianna Agron.


Four Months Later...Edit

Debbie picks on Martha in gym class, and Claire stands up for her. Debbie challenges her to do a cheerleading stunt well within Claire's ability, but Claire does not do it because she is trying to stay out of the spotlight.


Debbie attends Mr. Zern's class along with Claire and West.

The Kindness of StrangersEdit

May says that the cheerleaders consider Claire a hero because she stood up to Debbie on her first day.

Graphic Novel:The RogueEdit

In the parking lot outside CVHS, Debbie and another cheerleader, Carole, are looking for a new girl for the squad. Debbie spots Claire and makes her stand back-to-back with Carole. When the bell rings, the girls run off to class.

The LineEdit

Debbie is running a tryout session for new cheerleaders. Claire and two others try out but Debbie rejects them. While watching her smear a cupcake on someone else's face, West and Claire plan a prank on her. During a nighttime cheerleading practice, a drunk Debbie writes the measurements of overweight (by her standards) girls on their foreheads. Claire talks to her alone, trying to get another chance at the cheerleading squad, but a masked flying man grabs her and drops her from a high altitude, appearing to kill her. Debbie calls the police but Claire has disappeared. However, the policemen do find the bottle of alcohol she was drinking. She is suspended from the cheerleading squad.

Out of TimeEdit

West shows Claire a newspaper about what they did to Debbie.

Cautionary TalesEdit

Bob claims to be investigating the incident with Debbie.


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